Personal Injury Firms Adopt New Marketing Playbook, Scoring Fans with Marketing Swarms

October 11, 2023—In the fiercely competitive world of personal injury law, some of the nation’s top firms are raising the stakes and leveraging a new marketing vehicle — literally — to capture attention and generate buzz. Law firms throughout the country are partnering with Carvertise — America’s leading rideshare advertising company— to deploy swarms of branded vehicles at NFL games and other large sporting events and concerts in campaigns that create a memorable presence in an electric atmosphere. “It’s become legal marketing’s new secret weapon,” says Greg Star, founder of Carvertise, of the new campaigns. Traditionally, Star says, personal injury firms have focused their marketing efforts on passive OOH, such as billboards, buses and taxis. “Now, they’re seizing the opportunity to engage with people in a much more exciting way.” Here some PI firms that are making a big impact with vehicle swarms:

Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers (see above) is activating vehicle swarms at every Houston Texans home game at NRG stadium with brightly- colored branded cars featuring White promising to “kick the crap out of insurance companies.” Brian White is also taking advantage of Swarms at the Houston Astros playoff games.

Pemberton Personal Injury Law (see below) recently deployed a fleet of vehicles to turn fans’ heads at the Wisconsin Badgers Football game.

Dolman Law Group is swarming every Tampa Bay Buccaneers game at Raymond James Stadium.
Mike Morse Law Firm in Detroit deployed a fleet of branded vehicles to Detroit Tigers home game with over 50,000 people in attendance. 
Star notes that Carvertise currently has thousands of rideshare vehicles on the road on behalf of its personal injury clients. “Personal injury lawyers are aways on the lookout for the next big thing in advertising, Star adds. “They tell us that our branded cars are the most memorable OOH advertising medium they’ve ever seen.” And there’s data to support their contention: Statistics from a Nielsen out-of-home study reveal that wrapped cars have proven to be the most effective and memorable form of OOH advertising. “That’s crucial to our PI partners, since high brand recall is vital to them,” Star says. The best part about legal swarms at sporting events? “No matter who wins, our legal clients can chalk up a marketing W,” he adds.


Carvertise Co-Founder Greg Star,  

About Carvertise:

Carvertise is America’s largest rideshare advertising company on a mission to revolutionize the way brands communicate with consumers outdoors. Leveraging a  network of 550,000 registered drivers, Carvertise is running wrapped-car ad campaigns  around the country for clients including Netflix, 7-Eleven, EA Sports, NASCAR, and  GlaxoSmithKline. Geo-targeted, highly memorable, with a heavy emphasis on analytics,  Carvertise is proudly spearheading the future of transit advertising.