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Buffalo Wild Wings


Buffalo Wild Wings Mid-Atlantic Franchise wanted to promote its brand locally in order to increase restaurant sales volume.


General market awareness is highly important to Buffalo Wild Wings since a key driver of sales is the ability to stay top-of-mind when consumers are driving and thinking about lunch and dinner. To meet consumers during this important decision making time, Buffalo Wild Wings Mid-Atlantic partnered with Carvertise to leverage the attention gaining power of their brand while consumers are in transit. In addition to including drivers that reached the areas being targeted, Carvertise also screened for other important variables which impact impression counts. We assessed which driver candidates were on the roads during peak traffic hours and which driver candidates parked in areas that maximized exposure.


When considering qualified driver for this campaign, special attention was given to the category of roads the drivers travelled on daily, and where they parked when at home and at work. Drivers who drove on primary and secondary arterial highways during peak driving times in the day were given first preference into the campaign.
Travel Time vs. Congestion
Highway Driving
Parked at Store
City Driving


Carvertise selected drivers that met all of the defined criteria, and then created two different wrap designs in order to create more visual diversity to the campaign. Over the course of a weekend, Carvertise coordinated and oversaw the installation of all the vehicles that were selected to participate in the campaign.


For the next six months the roads were dominated by black and yellow Buffalo Wild Wings cars. Everyday, thousands of disruptive impressions were created everywhere the drivers went.

Daily Reach

By the numbers




Target Market reached each week



“Carvertise has been a marketing partner to us in its truest sense. They significantly elevated our brand awareness in the priority markets we defined, and they did it in such a way that also raised our brand equity in the community. I know that we created a positive and memorable Buffalo Wild Wings Brand Experience for everyone who saw these cars. Our targeted marketing campaigns with Carvertise created way more than impressions, they created experiences.”

-Bobby Pancake
Buffalo Wild Wings
Multi-Unit Franchisee Owner

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