Impacting Consumer Behavior


Impacting Consumer Behavior


AAA’s Mid-Atlantic headquarters had a communications agenda to promote “Safe Teen Driving” in the region due to the escalating number of teen driver accidents caused by distracted driving.


AAA had a longstanding partnership with Appoquinimink high school. AAA tapped the help of Carvertise to recruit & wrap the cars of Appo high-school students who were qualified to be drivers in AAA’s Safe Teen Driving campaign. The goal was to have this message resonate with students at this specific high-school (a microcosm of what needed to be done) but also generate enough PR out of this creative campaign to extend the message to the rest of the state and Greater Philadelphia region.


Through social media, digital advertising, and on-site recruitment, Carvertise recruited, screened, and admitted Appo high school students to be drivers of the wrapped AAA cars. Carvertise created the design to be used for the campaign, and also modified the design to fit the cars of each admitted student. All admitted students were educated on the campaign’s mission and instructed on how to conduct themselves while in this campaign. Selected student drivers were encouraged to park in parking spots most visible to student foot traffic going in and out of the school.


On April 7th, AAA, Appo High school, and Carvertise held a press conference where the cars, and the safety campaign at large, were officially unveiled to the public.



Appoquinimink High school's parking lot was filled with AAA “Safe Teen Driving” cars that all students in the high-school were exposed to everyday when they went to school. These parked billboards served as a constant omni-present reminder to the students. The press event was covered by NBC10 and the News Journal, and the video links put on social media were shared over 50 times. AAA considered the event a wonderful success.

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