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The Background

The idea for CarMask™ came from a picture we saw on the internet of goodhearted bloke in England.

He was a doctor at a hospital, and to raise awareness on the importance of mask wearing, he created his own DIY face mask to put on his very own car. He parked his car outfront of the hospital so the people passing by could see it.

Being veterans of creative advertising on cars – we absolutely loved it. The novelty, the contextual relevance, the well-intentioned humor of an inanimate object wearing a mask. Combined it makes a HUGE statement that captures the attention, and most importantly, effectively communicates its intended message. If this car can put on a face mask, then so CAN YOU!

Simply put, it was brilliant. And our team realized that we had the design know-how, the scale, and access to more suitable material, to make the face masks safe for all vehicles, and suitable to fit all different makes and models of cars.

We embarked on a mission to be able to bring this level of creativity to fleet owners, like yourselves, who want to promote the right message in their community.

And that’s how CarMask™ was born

In the News:


Designed for Safety

Extreme Tension


No wind, fast car speed, or even Hurricane Irene (true story) is moving this!

Free Airflow


The CarMask™ is made of porous banner material specifically designed for the outdoors and to let airflow pass through. This was adequately tested to ensure that the airflow continues to make it through the grill to keep the engine cool

Easy Removal


To get to the hood, just remove the bungee loops from around the mirrors. To take the entire CarMask™ off, cut the zipties.

How to Install

Step 1


Place Bungee Loops around Mirrors

Step 2


Secure the bottom of CarMask™ with Industrial Strength Zipties

Step 3


Center CarMask™ on car

Step 4


Get Ready to Rock the Roads!

Promote Safety to Your Community

“What better way to a sense of community spirit and pride around public mask compliance than to have these larger-than-life face masks adorned to our highest mileage vehicles?

I’m highly confident this will get people thinking and talking about mask-wearing.
Matt Meyer
New Castle County Executive

Order Your CarMask™ Today

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All CarMasksTM come with: Instructions and extra Zipties

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General Enquiries

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The CarMask™ is made of porous banner material so airflow can continue to flow through and keep the engine cool. That was the most important requirement when creating this. Secondly, the CarMask material is made for the outdoors, so it can handle the wind and rain

The CarMask™ is tethered to the car in two ways:

  • Through 4 bungee straps that go around the mirrors of the car, and
  • Through 2 industrial strength zipties. Combined, both these measures create immense backward and downward tension that keeps the CarMask™ secure when driving

To remove the CarMask™ permanently, take it off from around the mirrors and cut the tiptoes
To remove it temporarily to get into the hood, simply take it off from around the mirrors

Hose. Just make sure you don’t have any debris clogging up the pores. Check on it. If you want to run the cars through the cleaner, just take the full thing off and reapply it.

We’d recommend keeping it at 3 months.
Past that, the condition of the face masks would have to be thoroughly inspected to keep it on longer (to make sure they are all still adhered properly and there is nothing getting in the way of airflow)

The standard dimensions of the CarMask™ were created to work on the majority of service vehicles. That said, you will need to tell us what vehicles you plan on applying this to so we can ensure the proper fit