3 Reasons Vehicle Wraps Work

Have you ever been stuck in traffic? Not only is it annoying, but it’s such a boring experience. You can’t pick up your smartphone for entertainment. Instead, you keep your eyes fixed on the jammed highway. 

Then, when you least expect it, you notice a wrapped car in the next lane. The full-body wrap is fun, colorful, and grabs your attention immediately. 

Millions of Americans experience this every day. They’re driving around town and, suddenly, notice a colorful advertisement whiz past them in traffic. It’s not only an interesting event that turns heads, but customers remember these wrapped cars long after the fact, too. 

Vehicle wraps are a type of out-of-home (OOH) advertising. While other traditional advertising media are losing their popularity, out-of-home is the one exception, growing by the billions worldwide


Because OOH has a stable audience count. Advertising in the real, physical world is a tried and true method that works. 

Car advertising wraps are a great way to propel any business forward in a local market, even during hard economic times. When your brand covers a car with awesome graphics, not only do you stand out from the pack, but you’re now able to access geographies where you normally could never advertise. Catch customers during their commute, at traffic lights, or when they’re stuck in traffic—the possibilities are endless. 

And this isn’t just for big companies, either. Local businesses, like law firms and HVAC companies, invest in wrapped car advertising campaigns to target shoppers in a very specific area. 

3 Reasons Car Wrap Advertising Works

Wrapped cars legitimize your business and help you stand out from the pack. 

But do vehicle wraps really give you a healthy return on marketing spend? Shouldn’t businesses go all-in on digital right now? 

While there’s value in digital advertising, your brand needs a presence in the real world, too, and car wraps are the perfect solution. 

Studies show vehicle wraps are effective for 3 big reasons. 

1 – Car Wrap Advertising is Still Unique

When you advertise on Google, you’re competing against hundreds of other businesses. Even when you win an auction, your digital ads display in a distraction-packed environment that doesn’t grab customers’ attention. In fact, 82% of users ignore digital ads. 

But our roads aren’t saturated with car wraps. That creates a tremendous opportunity for you to be present in a space where your competitors are underrepresented. Car wraps are more memorable because your ads aren’t sitting next to your competitors’. 

In fact, according to this landmark Neilsen Study in 2019, wrapped vehicles are proven to be more memorable than taxis, buses, and even digital billboards.

Car wraps are a dynamic medium. They’re mobile and constantly on the move, which gives you a huge advantage. This continuous influx of impressions decreases message fatigue, making your ad more memorable. 

Customers are more likely to remember car wraps because they can’t skip over them. You don’t have to worry about customers paying for an ad blocker, unsubscribing, or changing the channel. It’s just your ad and their eyeballs. 

2 – Car Wrap Advertising is Associated with Positive ROI

Businesses need to see a return on the dollars they spend on marketing. When you invest in vehicle wraps, there’s a very good chance you’ll see a return on your investment. 

Your dollars go far with car wraps. It’s not unheard of to get 30,00 – 70,000 impressions a day with one car. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, car wraps have one of the lowest costs per thousand impressions. Some brands pay just 4 cents for 1,000 impressions. 

That’s way cheaper than other advertising options and it’s very competitive with digital ads. If you decide to run other advertising campaigns in tandem with vehicle advertising, car wraps can actually boost overall marketing ROI by 40%.

Car wraps complement your digital strategy, too. Nielsen found that 33% of customers will search for you online after seeing an OOH ad.

Keep in mind that quality comes first. According to 3M, customers are more likely to take action on your car wrap if the advertisement is high-quality. When you invest in quality design and construction with a brand like Carvertise, you can see amazing ROI from your efforts. 

3 – Car Wrap Advertising is Immune to “Attention Skip”

When you hear an ad on the radio, you change channels. When commercials come on the TV, you change the channel. If you see a digital ad on your desktop, you close the window. 

This isn’t the case with car wrap advertising. We’re hardwired to look at the cars around us for safety reasons, but we’re also curious about other people’s cars. 

Want proof? Think about the bumper stickers you read. The different state license plates you notice while driving. The high-end logos of Mercedes and Tesla and Porsche sticking out from the highway traffic.

This phenomenon is amplified with car wraps. Plus, you can’t skip, turn down, or turn off these ads. 

The bottom line

Online advertising is increasingly becoming cluttered and expensive. Reach customers where they are in the real world with unique, memorable, and ROI-positive car wraps. They not only blitz a specific ZIP code with your messaging, but also increase the reach of your other marketing campaigns, too. 

It’s time to spend money where it matters. Reach customers when they aren’t online with a quality vehicle wrap. 

Curious how the process works? See how Carvertise can transform your brand with smart, geo-targeted rideshare advertising.