Visit Indy and Carvertise Hit the Streets in Chicago with Memorable Marketing Campaign

September 10, 2021 – WILMINGTON, Delaware – As Indianapolis’ tourism industry reopens, Visit Indy has launched a new marketing campaign that is rolling through Chicago — literally. 

The tourism bureau has partnered with Carvertise, the leading rideshare advertising and marketing company in the country, to create a mobile marketing fleet of 33 Uber and Lyft vehicles, wrapped with Visit Indy branding, to take over the Windy City’s streets.

As travel heats up, “A lot of people are eager to advertise to Chicagoans, and Visit Indy wanted to stand out from the pack in a highly memorable way,” says Greg Star, Co-Founder of Carvertise. 

By splashing their branding across rideshare vehicles on Chicago’s busy streets, Visit Indy is making quite an impression on the city’s 2.7 million residents, some of whom will be lucky enough to book a ride in one of their branded vehicles as they travel throughout the city. 

“Not all impressions are created equal,” says Christine Zetzl, Visit Indy’s senior marketing manager. “We’re excited to partner with Carvertise on a high-impact campaign to wrap 33 rideshare cars – the same number that compete in the world-famous Indianapolis 500 – with Visit Indy messaging. Zetzl noted, “In the first 30 days, our ‘Indy’ rideshare cars have driven more than 63,000 miles, garnering nine million impressions in Chicago, our #1 leisure market.” 

Carvertise is able to amp up the impressions by digitally retargeting the people who have seen the cars. Not only do they see the Visit Indy cars, they receive an ad from Visit Indy on their mobile devices.  

Star noted that Visit Indy is one of dozens of tourism bureaus throughout the U.S., including Visit Tampa Bay, Visit Bentonville and Visit New Jersey, that have added Carvertise to their marketing arsenal because of its ability to engage consumers in a creative, impactful way.
“Our travel partners, time and time again, tell us our branded cars are the most memorable advertising medium they’ve seen,” Star says. And there’s data to back up their contention: Statistics from a 2019 Nielsen out-of-home study reveal that wrapped cars are proven to be the most effective and memorable form of transit advertising.

Star noted that the tourism industry is a natural for rideshare campaigns because they reach people with discretionary income who tend to use Uber and Lyft as well as people who are inclined to travel by targeting airports, train stations and tourist destinations.

“Visit Indy is thrilled to bring Chicagoans back to Indianapolis,” Star says, “and Carvertise is excited to help drive them there!”

Carvertise, Inc., America’s leading rideshare-based transit advertising company, today announced the launch of a strategic partnership with StreetMetrics, the leading out-of-home measurement and data analytics firm. This partnership will give agencies and marketers the ability to better measure the ROI on their targeted rideshare advertising campaigns; a big step forward for bringing more transparency and performance accountability to the out-of-home industry. 

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