Healthcare Brands Take Their Message to Convention-Goers with New Marketing Vehicle

Oct. 9 2022—As more than then 40,000 global infectious disease professionals converge upon the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C,. for IDWeek Oct. 19-23, the trade show floor will be abuzz with pharma and biotech brands touting their newest innovations. 

But at this year’s conference, some of the most buzzworthy action will be taking place just outside the doors of the convention center. To attract the attention of show-goers, Moderna, working with ID Week’s OOH sponsorship partner, EMC Outdoor, has partnered with Carvertise, the nation’s leading rideshare advertising company, to “Swarm” the convention with a fleet of Ubers wrapped in Moderna’s branding; the colorful vehicles will drive around the high-traffic areas surrounding the convention center throughout the course of the five-day show. 

Lenovo Swarms Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center 

It’s a tactic smart healthcare marketers are quickly adding to their arsenals. “As healthcare trade shows and conventions come roaring back after the pandemic, the competition for meeting-goers’ eyeballs has never been more fierce,” says Carvertise Co-Founder Greg Star. “Brands are looking for new ways to turn heads and gain exposure in a memorable way.” Throughout the course of IDWeek, Star says, convention attendees won’t be able to walk down the streets

surrounding the convention hall without seeing a Moderna-branded vehicle rolling down the street — and some will even be lucky enough to hail a ride with one. 

Carvertise has worked extensively with EMC Outdoor to develop conference targeted packages for the healthcare and technology industries. “Working with Carvertise has been an integral part of bringing unique promotional/advertising solutions to enhance B2B conferences targeting key industry leaders and decision-makers,” said Song Heo, EVP of Client Partnerships at EMC. 

Some other recent conference Swarm examples: 

Vuity, the new prescription eye drop brand, through agency partnership with EMC Outdoor, Swarmed both the Vision Expo East at the Javits Center in New York City and the ASCRS show in Washington D.C. earlier this year with colorful branded Ubers proclaiming “Vuity has arrived” and displaying the brands’s trade show booth number and website address. 

Lenovo, the technology company that services the healthcare industry, sent a fleet of branded vehicles to the HIMMS Conference in Chicago in April with a bold message: “Driving transformation in healthcare.” 

In each case, Star says, “these brands were able to create a unique and memorable presence in front of a vast congregation of industry leaders.” And in terms of effectiveness, Carvertise’s mobile marketing campaigns clearly pack a signifiant marketing punch: Statistics from a 2019 Nielsen out-of-home study reveal that wrapped cars have proven to be the most effective and memorable form of Out-of-Home advertising. “No other platform allows for this type of targeted, innovative marketing while allowing companies to expand their presence beyond the trade show floor in such an impactful way,” Star says. 


About Carvertise: 

Carvertise is America’s largest rideshare advertising company on a mission to revolutionize the way brands communicate with consumers outdoors. Leveraging a network of 550,000 registered drivers, Carvertise is running wrapped-car ad campaigns around the country for clients including Netflix, Bravo, 7-Eleven, EA Sports, NASCAR, and GlaxoSmithKline. Geo-targeted, highly memorable, with a heavy emphasis on analytics, Carvertise is proudly spearheading the future of transit advertising.