Carvertise Announces New Partnership with to Boost ROI of Wrapped Uber Campaigns & Bring a New Level of Analytics to the OOH Industry

August 10, 2022 — This week, Carvertise, the nation’s largest rideshare advertising company, announced a strategic partnership with, the nation’s most advanced foot traffic analytics platform, that promises to boost ROI of its clients’ wrapped Uber campaigns through advanced intel and analytics. Through the partnership, Carvertise will use the platform to identify and recommend where its clients should launch Targeted Driving campaigns and Swarm Events based on the client’s target demographics.

“We’re always striving to give our clients the best intel in terms of where to send their cars for maximum exposure,” said Carvertise Co-Founder Greg Star, who announced the partnership at this week’s eTourism conference in Orlando. “Now, with our partnership with, we’ve upped the ante.”

“Placer was developed to empower professionals to strategically and creatively improve decision-making to drive their businesses forward,” says Noam Ben Zvi, CEO and Co-Founder of “We’re very excited to be working with Carvertise to help them push the envelope and bring added value and new ideas to the OOH market.”

Carvertise will leverage its partnership in a number of ways to help its clients. For example, in addition to traditional rideshare ad campaigns, many of Carvertise’s clients take advantage of its Targeted Driving feature, where it sends fleets of wrapped Ubers to a specific location, such a Target or a Home Depot store, for a certain number of hours per month in order to reach its clients’ target audience.

“Say a client is trying to reach the college market,” Star says. “With technology, we can provide specific locations that have the highest foot traffic of college students and recommend targeted campaigns accordingly.”

In addition, Carvertise will utilize technology to recommend venues for its extremely popular Swarm Events, where it sends clients’ branded vehicles to high-traffic events, like concerts and sporting events. “For instance, a tourism bureau can target an NFL game if data determines the games are well-attended by the client’s desired demographic,” Star says.

Another huge benefit of the partnership: Carvertise will be able to deliver more detailed post-campaign analytics. “Traditionally, the Out-of-Home industry has provided very little analytical data, but Carvertise has been on a mission to change that,” Star says. “With, we can now provide more highly-specific data about the number and types of people who have seen their campaign. Our clients will reap the benefits of our advanced reporting capabilities.”


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