Branding Awareness in the Next Normal With Visit Cumberland Valley

It wasn’t until the end of 2018, however, that we discovered the tourism industry. That totally transformed our company.  It was one of those euphoric product-market fits that every company founder dreams of one day finding. Our Uber and Lyft drivers frequently pickup passengers at airports, train stations, and hotels – just the places where our CVB partners needed to be seen. All the better, our Uber and Lyft drivers’ passengers skew to a more affluent demographic, with higher discretionary income to make travel decisions. Additionally, we would get so much feedback from our Uber/Lyft drivers about passengers asking them about the CVBs, we started to give drivers travel pamphlets to hand out to passengers. Things took off and we never looked back.  We joined Destinations International, and within a year, signed up 20 DMOs to advertise with us. Growth skyrocketed.  Read more here.