Over other traditional Out-of-Home Media Channels


Over other traditional Out-of-Home Media Channels

Powerful Impressions


Disruptive impressions that still hold novelty with consumers. Proven to have a 97% brand recall rate*

Source: Outdoor Advertising Magazine Survey


Your brand being on the same plane as the driver makes viewing safer and easier.

A Big Presence

in a place where your competitors are quiet, gives your brand a large spotlight.


Extremely Targeted

Park your moving billboard in certain parking spots, parking lots, neighborhoods, or facilities.

Suburban and Rural Reach

Most out-of-home inventory is concentrated in urban environments. We provide the flexibility to target rural and suburban populations too.

High Demand Areas at Affordable Rates

We bill a on a fixed price per car making exposure in highly sought cities affordable.

Community Oriented

Community Members Behind the Wheel

Your drivers have friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors who they see every day - coming home with a wrapped car is a conversation starter. Weave your message into the social fabric of the community and also generate word-of-mouth marketing. 

Playing with Perception 

Having many wrapped cars on the road makes your company look larger and appear to be the community’s brand of choice. 

Lead-Generating Call-To-Action

We can give the drivers your marketing material and brochures to keep in their car. This can turn an interaction about their car into traceable lead generating activity.