About Us

About Us

Our Story

We believe that:

  1. We live in a time now, where if you own your own car, you essentially own your own company.
  2. People like earning extra money
  3. People like being a part of something bigger than themselves.


This is the age of the side hustle. Technology has made it easier than ever before for people to monetize their unused assets. We decided – why not apply this recent cultural shift to driving and advertising?
The majority of Americans drive every day moving past an audience of thousands of people. This is marketing exposure that has value to brands. Why shouldn’t there be a means for drivers to earn extra money for putting an ad on their car?
It just made sense.

It’s our goal to have thousands of upstanding community members across the world earning side income in a way that’s simple and easy. Over these past five years, we’ve been so proud and inspired by our driver community’s tight-knit culture and growth.


On the other side, let’s be honest – How many ads do you remember seeing?


For us, every time we saw an ad on a car, it stood out. Think of the Red Bull cars with the can, the orange and white U-Haul vans, or even student drivers with that little yellow sign on top. We all notice these vehicles every time we’re around them! Why not give brands the same opportunity to let their message be so visible?

What an opportunity.

And that’s who Carvertise is. We help advertisers take advantage of a seriously underutilized medium and we help everyday people earn extra money. Add in some technology, passion, creativity, and a lot of crazy, and that gets us to where we are today.


The sky’s the limit and the story is just beginning.
We hope you will join our adventure!

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