Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a transit advertising company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware which
services markets nationwide. As a new communication channel, we specialize in getting a brand’s message seen in geographies of interest through the means of car wrap advertising applied on everyday driver’s cars.

We work with our brand partners in understanding their marketing goals. If hyper-targeted brand-awareness is an important piece of the media plan, we will make an appropriate campaign recommendation regarding the wrap style, quantity of cars, and campaign duration.

Once confirmed, we then recruit, screen, and admit drivers into our brand partner’s campaign who drive in the region of interest and who hit all four of our needed driver quality check points. At a confirmed start date, all admitted drivers come to our facility and their vehicles are wrapped in our brand partner’s advertisement in a matter of hours. The car is then returned to the owner, and for the next several months the car is generating powerful impressions everywhere they drive in their community. Through the use of our phone app, all driving activity is tracked and reported back to our brand partner on a monthly basis.

A good indication as to the success brands have had with Carvertise, is the ever increasing amount of campaigns Carvertise is being brought into. Since founding in 2012, Carvertise has had a 300% average annual growth rate (funded through revenue not outside capital)  and has maintained a client retention rate higher than the average retention rate of the radio, billboards, or transit advertising industry. This is in large part due to the efficacy of the media format, wrapped cars, which has the power to boost name recognition by 15x, but it is also a testimony to our team’s commitment to collaboration and a shared marketing vision with our partners.

The drivers in the Carvertise network are safe, high-mileage, everyday drivers from the local community who want to earn residual income for driving around with a brand on their car. More specifically, our Carvertise drivers are a myriad of esteemed community members; an eclectic mix of nurses, engineers, teachers, soccer moms, Uber and Lyft drivers, delivery drivers etc., all whom have consistent driving patterns and keep a 2008 model car or newer in excellent condition.

We select drivers for our brand partner’s campaign by reaching into our expansive driver network and hand selecting the drivers who generate the most exposure in the geographic areas we are targeting.

Each Carvertiser must drive a baseline of 900 miles per month, and their primary mileage must be cored in the defined zipcodes or cities of interest. Using historical data, Carvertise has concluded that accurate driver impression representation is largely a function of the population density of the area being targeted. A driver in downtown LA, for example, may generate 93,000 impression per months, whereas a driver in Bucks County, Pennsylvania driving the same amount of monthly miles, may generate only 30,000 impressions per month. Every mile driven by our wrapped car drivers is equivalent to between 20 – 80 impressions per mile and this important coefficient is linked directly to the population density of where the cars drive.

Due to the privacy policies we have in place with our network of registered drivers, we do not open sheet our inventory of drivers for our brand partners to select from. Our brand partner select the location and quantity of cars, and we screen and select the car drivers within our network that match the driver quality criteria.

Designing for cars is a very niche field within the graphic design community. Not only do the designs needs to be thought of in a 3-dimensional space, but the intricacies and difficulties of designing on a non-flat surface which include the likes of car door handles, side panelling, windows, and bumper contours, creates quite a complex design challenge. Unless our brand partner has designers on staff with experience designing car wraps, it is highly recommended that our brand partner work with our in-house creative team to bring their car wrap vision to life.

This is where our company truly differentiates and specializes. Similar to how plumbers or electricians have a specialized skill set for their trade, a master car wrap installer has developed a very specialized skill set for this trade, and this is the talent group we bring in to implement car advertising campaigns nationally. Our team of master installers, comprised of a trained network around the country, can conduct a full-wrap installation within four to six hours depending upon the size and body style of the car. This need for speed, while not compromising on the quality of the wrap job, is an integral part of our company’s DNA which allows us to roll-out massive car campaigns across the nation in a very short period of time.

Carvertise requires at least one month from agreement signing to having all cars wrapped and on the road. The driver screening and selection process requires at least two weeks, and, depending upon how many cars are being wrapped, another two weeks to wrap and roll-out all drivers we select for the campaign.

We use a strong deterrent – if our drivers commit an act of reckless or aggressive driving, not only do they get immediately removed from the campaign, but they also have to reimburse Carvertise $300.00 for the cost of the decal we put on their car. They registered with Carvertise to make residual income from their commute – not to give money away. They have a strong incentive to not drive carelessly. As a testimonial to that, less than 1% (0.4%) of our drivers have been reported on.

Carvertise has created a process called EASI ( pronounced “Easy”) that we use when setting up every campaign.

Educate – We educate the surrounding community as to what the relationship is between the driver, the brand on the car, and Carvertise. We do this by placing a small Carvertise sticker on the back of every car along with a “How’s my driving” decal. It’s important for viewing consumers to know that this is a Carvertise driver carrying a brand on their car. This way the risk of brand reputation being impacted by a campaign driver falls back on Carvertise, not our partnering brand.

Align – We align the brand with drivers who are a safer demographic. That means a lot more  moms with young children in the house hold, and not a lot of 18 – 24 year olds.

Screen – All drivers are background screened and driving record checked. There can be no major infractions committed on either.

Inform – After Carvertise conducts our interview and screening process, we speak with every one of our car drivers emphasizing the importance of safe driving and representing a brand.

The demographic of driver we select and their driving record decreases the chance of this happening. Inevitably, however, drivers are human so every so often this does occur. The outlet for the driver to report the Carvertiser’s driving behavior is through the Carvertise phone number on the back of each wrapped car. When a complaint is received, Carvertise notifies the client, and investigates the claim. If an act of reckless driving was committed, the car driver is immediately removed from the campaign and they have to pay Carvertise $300.00 for the cost of the wrap. Our brand partner is then pro-rated one less car for the duration of the campaign.

Carvertise can write special provisions into our contractual agreement with the drivers to not visit specific places in their wrapped car for the duration of the campaign. Certain places of ill-repute, adult novelty shops, gentlemen’s clubs, liquor stores, etc are forbidden in every campaign regardless of the brand partner.

The legal arrangement we structure with the drivers is that of an independent contractor. We contract the right to put our brand partner’s message on the car for a certain period of time. We explicitly state that the drivers are never to drive around merely for the sake of advertising – this ensures that the driver’s personal auto-liability coverage stays intact if an accident occurs. The drivers are not employees of Carvertise, nor our brand partners.

We do encourage our brand partners to give us marketing material that we can give to the campaign drivers. Drivers get stopped daily and asked about the car and the featured brand, so it’s favorable to give curious inquirers a call-to-action. This has been an important factor of success for many of the campaigns we have implemented.

Carvertise charges monthly based upon a fixed price per car for every car in the campaign. Our CPM falls anywhere between $2.50 – $15.75 depending upon the population density of the area being targeted and the style of wrap being put on the car.

For specific pricing information, please email [email protected].