Driver Stories

Driver Stories

Quite often I get people giving me the thumbs up and showing me that they are buckled up while driving down the highway and/or at a stoplight. Yesterday a little boy followed me in the store and asked if he could have my autograph. I told him I wasn’t anyone special but he was and to make sure that he always buckles up.

-David G. , Office of Highway Safety Campaign

I had a young couple come up to me a few weeks ago and ask for more information about the nursing program. The woman was excited to hear about it since she had taken night classes in the past at Wilmington University and was looking to change her career. I recommended that she look at the Wilmington University website for more information and she did right from her phone! They were very nice and the woman was very excited to learn more about the program. She said she never would have known about the nursing program had she not seen the wrap on my vehicle!

-Caitlin B., Wilmington University Nursing Campaign

My family and friends have asked about the wrap and a few Coworkers have asked about it. I was at the doctor’s office in Bloomington, Minnesota and when I was getting out of my car a man asked about the jobs and I mentioned the pamphlet and he wrote down the website on the car. This was Oct 11. I have seen people looking at my car when I’m driving on the highway in the afternoon sitting in traffic. We were sitting in traffic for awhile and one lady took a picture of the car, maybe for the website. I was at the Mall of America a few different times and people have looked at my car walking by. Many different places I have been, people were looking at my car.

-Kim H., Integrity Campaign

Good morning- I have had a couple interactions, all positive. My co-workers definitely like the look of the wrap. The wrap definitely attracts attention (I know it’s not me they’re looking at). A couple people I spoke with all knew of Thomas Jefferson Hospital, but it sounded like some in the area were not aware that there was now an urgent care center. I have had two short conversations where we talked about it being a great hospital.

-Troy S. Thomas Jefferson Hospital Urgent Care Campaign

Hey There. So far the campaign has been really good. Funny enough my entire family thought that I got a new car so I had to explain to them that I am a part of a marketing initiative for City Fitness. It took a little bit for them to understand… but now they sure know what City Fitness is! Other then that, within this past month i’ve had several people stop me when I was getting out of my car to ask me about City Fitness. I told them about their new location opening in Fishtown and handed them the brochure material from my car. I hope the signed up!!

-Alex S., City Fitness Campaign

You want feedback? I hope you have a lot of time because I could write a book! Pretty much every single time I drive I’ll spot someone looking or pointing at my car. I can’t tell you how many people have rolled down their windows and yelled “Go UD!”, to which I smile and give them the thumbs up. That’s pretty much standard at this point. Driving low profile is certainly not an option in this car. When I pick up Julian from school, this car has started to become an event to all the kids. They line up at the front window and stare at the Blue Hen sitting in my backseat….. It’s hilarious! I could keep going… but I’ll stop here for now lol

-Beth D. University of Delaware Health Sciences Campaign

I’ve really enjoyed being in this campaign. I drive past the Smylie Times center every day so I have to imagine that the ad is relevant in the places i’m driving. A few people have stopped me and they were not aware that Thomas Jefferson had an Urgent Care Center in the Smylie Times building. Other then that everything has been going great. I definitely see a lot of people looking at my car when i’m sitting in traffic downtown. Please let me know the next time you have another campaign as i’d love to participate again!

-Samantha Z., Thomas Jefferson Hospital Urgent Care Campaign