Cabrini University

Cabrini University


Cabrini University, a liberal arts university based in Radnor, PA, launched its new online Masters of Education program and wanted to increase enrollment.


The new Cabrini program was aimed at very specific demographics - current school teachers, students who hold undergraduate teaching degrees, and those who teach in alternative education settings. Given the specificity of the demographic, Cabrini partnered with Carvertise as way to increase exposure in areas where these demographics were most heavily concentrated - throughout other school campuses in downtown Philadelphia. As a part of five month long campaign, Carvertise recruited, screened, and wrapped drivers who regularly drove through the campuses of Temple University, Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania and St. Joe’s University.


Cabrini wanted a bold car that would grab attention from its striking color palette of yellow and blue. Signature Cabrini imagery of shapes and patterns were also incorporated. Because the medium of car wrap advertising is primarily used for brand awareness, the central point of the message had to revolve around the University. The second point of attention had to revolve around the actual program. Gain attention first, then guide the eyes to the desired point of interest.


The campaign launched during the first quarter of 2017 in order to build up enough frequency over the coming months to influence the enrollment period by the start of third quarter. For the next five months, Cabrini’s Master of Education Online cars were driving through the college campuses of other Universities getting in front of 1,000’s of students.

The Results






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Daily Paths

My car has gotten quite a bit of attention since it was wrapped in May.  I drive on Roosevelt Boulevard to and from work and have had several people pull up to me in traffic asking about Cabrini.  A few shared that their child currently attends the university.  I’ve been approached at church, the grocery store and even Walmart.  Kids in my neighborhood call it ‘the Cabrini car’!

-Chamia G., Campaign Driver

“I came home to find a group of guys posting up for pictures in front of my car.  “Bro, that’s awesome!” they said as they slapped my hand. They were current Cabrini students who were unaware of the online master’s program and said they would definitely look into it after seeing the wrap.  Advertising methods like this, when done right, tend to break through the everyday clutter of city advertising; especially since I live in such a densely populated area.  Whether people like it or not, they notice it.”

-Justin T., Campaign Driver

“It has been great working on the Cabrini Campagin. I love that I contestantly get stopped and asked questions about my car and Cabrini.” The most interesting interactions have been with teachers and students at my son’s school while waiting in the pick up line. I had a parent approach me that was a Cabrini alumni and she stated that she wasn’t aware of the online program and seeing the ad on my car made her check it out.”

-Kelsey L., Campaign Driver

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with the folks at Carvertise. They are responsive and flexible, and the finished product always looks stellar. After having our cars on the road for only a week, I had people contacting me saying, “I saw Cabrini on a random car at the mall!” It’s been a fun way to expand our brand recognition, especially since Carvertise matches drivers to our brand personality. I think that makes them stand apart from other outdoor advertising options—the fit between brand and driver.”

-Celia Cameron, VP of Marketing & Communications, Cabrini University

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